Works and word

  highside 12:59 09 Oct 06

Help please, can anyone tell me if microsoft Works 8 would be compatible with Word. ie would a letter written in word be received OK by someone using Word?

  Taff™ 13:03 09 Oct 06

If Works 8 includes Word and saves files with a .doc extension it will be compatible with anyone who uses Word.

  Taff™ 13:05 09 Oct 06

I assume you already have Works 8? If not don`t buy it specially. Use OpenOffice click here It has a full Office Suite compatible with Microsoft (Word, Excel & Powerpoint) and it`s free. Much better than Works.

  Eric10 13:12 09 Oct 06

To ensure compatibilty you can save your document in 'Rich Text Format' (RTF) from the 'Save as type' drop down in the 'Save As' dialogue box. This can be read by Works, Word, Wordpad, OpenOffice and virtually all other Word Processors past and present.

  pj123 13:15 09 Oct 06

I have Works 4.5 on my PC which saves word processing files as .wps. Word (at least mine, which is Word 2000) cannot read .wps files so I tend to save them a second time as .rtf files which can then be read by any Word Processor.

Taff™, not tried OpenOffice myself but can it read .wps, .wks and .wdb files???

  pj123 13:17 09 Oct 06

Oops!. Sorry Eric10, too slow again.

  pj123 14:15 09 Oct 06

Have now downloaded and installed OpenOffice.

Tried to open various Works files, no go.

OpenOffice can't/doesn't read Works files, so it is only compatible with MS Office.

Will now uninstall it as I have MS Works and MS Office already.

  Taff™ 14:19 09 Oct 06

pj123 - sorry you`re quite right - I should have pointed that out. I was suggesting that OpenOffice was a better option than buying Works just to read Word Documents!

  Belatucadrus 15:00 09 Oct 06

Works is a remarkable suite in the degree of incompatibility it has with other suites. While all other office suites maintain a high degree of compatibility with Microsoft Office documents of all types, nobody can be bothered to open Works format files. Even Office can't touch them without additional file converters.
Well worth doing without in my oppinion.

  pj123 15:10 09 Oct 06

Taff™, I agree with you. If you don't already have MS Office or MS Works then OpenOffice is a good bet.

I'm just sorting out a big box called "come in handy" and I have found an unopened Jiffybag envelope from PCA dated 09/06/03. When I opened it I found a User Guide and CD called StarOffice 6.

Appears to be from the same people as OpenOffice (Sun Systems).

Is it still valid? I don't really want it so if anyone here would like it email me and I will post it. First come, First served.

  pj123 15:19 09 Oct 06

Belatucadrus, which is why I am keeping Works and Office on my PC. It is the same with MS Publisher. It will only save as a .pub file. No other DTP program can open/read .pub files.

So I also have Serif Pageplus as well.

Probably MSs way to get you to stick with them.

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