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  Bearsy 10:01 08 Jul 04

A friend received an email from [email protected] with an attachment which he saved to My Documents as instructed, but he can't open it or delete it. Since then his Norton anti-virus keeps coming up and saying it is having problems with an outgoing email although there is no outgoing email.

Is this a valid email address for MSN? Has he got a virus? Any ideas anyone?

  Gaz 25 10:33 08 Jul 04

It is probably a virus.

Norton has probably deleted it, but will require that you delete the outgoing mail in outlook express first.

  Old Shep 10:35 08 Jul 04

I have not clicked on your link for obvious reasons. Don't know if there is a way to tell if it is a valid address. Did'nt your friend know who it was from before openening the attachment. Thats how these freeks send viruses.

  Gaz 25 11:07 08 Jul 04
  Bearsy 11:42 08 Jul 04

Thanks Gaz 25. Now does anyone know why a valid email address should send an attachment that can't be opened or deleted (from within Windows)

  Old Shep 12:01 08 Jul 04

As it's valid he should e.mail them back and ask them what it was!!!

  Bearsy 10:51 16 Jul 04

See later query for more details

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