working in DOS

  scan513 07:06 31 Jul 03

Hi, anyone have any ideas,

I wish to run Flight Simulator 95 in DOS.I have win 98se on my computer.How do I get sound, joystick, and mouse to run in DOS

  scan513 07:13 31 Jul 03

I have put in DOS driver but the CPU does not read the AutoexecBat file where the driver commands are until after the computer has opened in DOS.Therefore no mouse no sound

  DieSse 08:56 31 Jul 03

"but the CPU does not read the AutoexecBat file where the driver commands are until after the computer has opened in DOS."

I don't understand that - the Autoexec.bat file is the first file the system reads as it boots up into DOS from a floppy. Are you in fact booting from a floppy?

  DieSse 09:00 31 Jul 03

I perhaps wasn't very clear - The system boots to DOS - then reads the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files - this is the absolutely standard course of events, and drivers are always loaded into DOS in this manner - if they're not working, then the way in which you've done them may be wrong.

  Brian-336451 09:08 31 Jul 03

Put your autoexec.bat and config.sys files on a floppy then and boot from that.

You can refer to any files on your hard drive in those should you need to.

  scan513 21:21 07 Aug 03

Thanks for info DieSse and Not That Brian May,

Sorry for not getting back sooner, but dont have online access all the time. Anyway this is the situation mow; I have put the command line for my sound card in autoexec.bat and it still will not load the sound in dos.(sound ok when I open windows.I have put the /y switch after the mouse command and this now opens in dos but no sound.

  DieSse 23:44 07 Aug 03

You need more than a command line for sound in DOS - you need complete driver - whereas the mouse only needs a command, as the driver is already built-in to DOS.

  scan513 07:13 08 Aug 03

Thanks DieSse,

Will try that and get back to you.

  scan513 15:28 25 Aug 03

I got the drivers,put the command in Autoexec and it still will not load when I exit to dos.

I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong?

  BinaryBen 15:56 25 Aug 03

When you Exit To DOS, Windows reads a different file called dosstart.bat You'll probably find in the Windows or System folder. Add you commands in and you should be in business.

  bremner 15:59 25 Aug 03

As mentioned above by ....Brian May you will be much better off creating a floppy boot disk just to run this program

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