workgroups and Internet connection sharing

  FrankDuffy 07:09 29 May 07

I have three PCs linked through the ADSL router with switch ports creating a wired LAN. The machines are set up as a workgroup OURHOME. One of the PCs also has a wireless network card though it is connected to the network by CAT5. My then son set up ICS on that PC so that he can connect his VISTA lap top to the internet. Since then we cannot browse to that PC. We can browse FROM that PC to the others, but when going to it we get "path not found" error. Worked fine before hand and nothing else has changed.

Anybody got any ideas.

  ^wave^ 08:47 29 May 07

take off the ics and see that you go back to being able to use it. cant you use the lap top with a wirles connection

  FrankDuffy 10:53 29 May 07

Yes if ICS is taken off it works again. We run out of ports on the router to use another wired connection - that is why he wanted to get the wireless and ICS set up.

  ^wave^ 08:48 31 May 07

i am sure you dont need ics if you wireless it just like a hard connection no wires

  FrankDuffy 19:05 31 May 07

I think we do need ics because we aren't connecting through the router - the wireless connection is through another PC. If the wireless connection was via the router it would be OK. hope diagram works

laptop . . pc-----router-----pc

dotted connection between laptop and PC is wireless all others cat5

  FrankDuffy 19:06 31 May 07

OK diagram didn't work PCs top and bottom connect to the router not the laptop.

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