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  chugby 16:25 18 Feb 07

my sister was sent a mail attachment as a word document. Didnt have Word so this was opened on the computer as a wordpad .doc file, and no problems. The file was subsequently worked on and saved only (ie.not savedas) and was converted by XP to richtext format and then tried to email back. Unfortunatley the email sent didnt have the saved file worked on and was not changed and cant find it. We have tried searching my documents and also for file containing .doc and .rtf but no success. Doesnt come up in recent documents either. Any advise where this might be stored? thanks

  Strawballs 17:08 18 Feb 07

Have you tried using the search function in the start list and search under Document(word document, spreadsheet etc)

  Simsy 17:16 18 Feb 07

the attachment before working on it, or just open it from the email?

If it was just opened from the email it might have been saved in it's ammended form back with the email. If so open the email again and re-open the attachment from there.

Having said that, I think that's unlikely and, if it has saved somehwere it's more likely in a temp folder somewhere... if it's anywhere at all. If the original was "read only" perhaps it just hasn't saved in it's ammended version?

Good luck,



  Taff™ 18:09 18 Feb 07

Anything you open from e-mail and subsequently save is in C:\Documents & Settings\[YOUR USER NAME]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\[OLK or something Similar] - She should have saved it to her HDD in My Documents and then returned it as an attachment.

  chugby 20:32 18 Feb 07

...thanks for suggestions, dont think was saved properly but worth a try. Regards

  terryf 20:41 18 Feb 07

If you remember a word in the document that might only be in that document do a search>files and folders for a file called *.doc containing this word and with a time period from just before you received the email till now

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