Word-why does File conversion-codereader open every time

  andy63walsh 19 Jul 11

On MS Word, why does File conversion-codereader (select encoding that makes your document readable) open every time I open my word docs ?

  Woolwell 19 Jul 11

Which version of Word and what is your OS?

Check your default country and language.

  andy63walsh 19 Jul 11

Hi. I use windows 7 and it is an old 2007 version.

  Woolwell 19 Jul 11

2007 isn't old. Many still use 2003 and earlier.

However I can only suggest under MS Office tools you run the Ms Office Diagnostic tool and see if there is a problem with the word installation. My understanding is that the code reader is used for old versions of Word and for non doc files. Is your default for docx set correctly to Word?

  andy63walsh 19 Jul 11

Diagnostics found no errors. I do not know what docx is to be honest, how do I do that?

  Woolwell 19 Jul 11

docx is the file extension for Word 2007. Previous versions of Word used doc and cannot read docx unless a converter is downloaded. In W7 check that doc and docx are correctly associated with Word but I think that you will find that they are. Sorry rather stuck with your snag as I haven't come across it before.


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