Word problem: how to delete extra numbered pages

  harris99 17:29 04 May 05

I have to produce 20 or more page reports on a template,which has pages numbered X of Y. By the end I often find several extra pages. The final page might be Page 20 of 20,for example, when in fact the report finishes at page 16. How do I delete these extra pages, leaving me with a final page numbered 16 of 16?

  Diemmess 17:35 04 May 05

Can you not simply click on the ΒΆ on the top bar to show all puctuation etc. and then putting the cursor at the last bit of the report simply delete all that follows.

That should "lose" the blank pages and automatically update the index

  harris99 18:44 04 May 05

Thanks. I've tried that. I put in the punctuation marks, selected all on the empty pages - and all the numbering disappeared throughout the document! I have also tried using a section break at the end of the document and then tried deleting the numbers. Again they all go! I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but don't know what. Word 2002, by the way.

  Peter 21:03 04 May 05


Have you tried using the Show/Hide button on the Standard Toolbar (backward P) to show all the spaces and carriage return marks. Then you could remove all, but the last carriage return to get rid of the blank pages at the end of the document. I understand that the last carriage return "contains" the document formatting.

  lotvic 21:51 04 May 05

Ignore the page numbers because they will adjust to 16 pages when you select (hold left mouse button down and drag) by highlighting the (empty) page contents of pages 17 18 19 20 down to the last puncuation mark and then press delete

You could also use the backspace button to delete if you start from the bottom of page 20. But that would take longer to do.

I presume you are opening the Template as a Document and are not modifying the Template

That's how I do it in Word 2000

  lotvic 00:20 05 May 05

To delete a (blank) page have the punctuation marks showing and place your cursor to the far left of ......page break.... and then press backspace

  harris99 18:07 05 May 05

Thanks everyone. Problem sorted

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