Word and OE

  Shine77 16:55 16 Apr 07

Hi, I scanned a document into Word and am trying to send it as an attachment but every time I try OE 6 just freezes and closes down. I can't even save the email without it freezing. I've tried other Word documents and they work fine; it's just this one that is a problem.

Anyone know why it's happening and if I can find a way round it to send it?
Many thanks.

  ArrGee 17:11 16 Apr 07

Have you made sure the document is saved and closed before sending? Is the document file size quite large?

  Shine77 17:16 16 Apr 07

The document is saved and closed and is about 48000 KB which seems pretty large compared to other documents I have. Is this the problem? And if so how can I make it smaller?

  ArrGee 18:02 16 Apr 07

You would need to set the scanner settings so that the files size of each scan is smaller. This may include dropping the resolution a little.

Check through your scanner properties to see how the file sizes can be reduced without compromising the final output too much.

If the document is black and white, make sure the scanner is in black & white mode too, and that you are saving in b&w as well.

  Shine77 20:49 16 Apr 07

Thanks so much for that. I tried making it smaller through the scanner and then scanning it into Word but that made little difference so I managed to piece together a way of putting it into Word via the scanner (a bit of copying and pasting was needed!) and the size got down to an easily managable 60 kb. The file has been sent fine now so thanks again for your help, Arrgee.

  ArrGee 21:31 16 Apr 07

Thank you for coming back. This information is valuable to other forum members.

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