Word & Excel. Say docs already open

  JH1950 22:04 19 Apr 05

When a doc is opened in Word a notice comes up:- 'E:\...\...is being used by ... (me). Do you want to make a copy? OK Cancel' I click Cancel and I can then work on the doc.
Open an Exel doc a notice comes up 'A doc with the name ...... is already open. You cannot open two docs with same name etc etc. To open 2nd doc close current doc etc etc or rename second doc. OK'
I click OK and eveything fine. There is never a doc being used by someone else and there is never a second doc open. How can I stop these notices showing every time. Programmes are Windows XP and Office 97. I am the Administrator and anyone can use the Computer.

  lotvic 23:20 19 Apr 05

3 seperate things to try

try emptying your 'temp folder' click here (I'd do this anyway)

Repair Office: on Help drop down menu

Workaround: Open My Documents and select the file, copy it, paste it back in and change the file name. Make sure you can open it okay, then you can delete the original.

Also have a read of this: click here;EN-US;211632

( support.microsoft.com and put 211632 in search box) in case link hasn't pasted right :[

....how Microsoft Word for Windows creates temporary files. ... printing, or review, Word creates a temporary file with a .doc file name ...

  Number 7 01:20 20 Apr 05

Have a read of this click here
You can download the service packs from click here

I'm not sure if you have to install SR-1 before SR-2b- I think SR-2b includes SR-1.

  Number 7 01:45 20 Apr 05

You need to install SR-1 before SR-2b. click here

  Number 7 22:17 20 Apr 05

Please respond to this thread only- that way, the solution, should we find one, is available to the Forum.

By e-mail from JH1950:

Thanks Number 7. Have downloaded SR1 and SR2b. The Word problem is solved but not the Excel one. Any ideas?

  Number 7 23:09 20 Apr 05

Back now.

The Service pack install should have solved your problem- I've seen Office 97 working fine under Windows XP.

However, Office 97 hasn't been officially tested with Windows XP- click here.

I suggest you do the following:

Uninstall Office 97- depending on what's shown in Add/Remove programs, start with SR-2b and work backwards.

Download, install and run this click here- leave at default settings and select "Run Cleaner".

Download, install and run this click here

Again, leave at default settings and delete everything it finds.

Reinstall Office 97 and both Service Packs before you try to use Word or Excel.

  JH1950 09:47 21 Apr 05

Thanks. Will do as you suggest. If that dosen't work I had better upgrade MS Office to the latest one!

  JH1950 22:03 26 Apr 05

Thanks Problem Solved

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