Word & Excel problem with XP

  shedboy69 19:17 21 Feb 05

Since moving from windows 98 to Windows XP with service pack 2, I am having a strange problem with the drop down menus in both Word & Excel.
They take an eternity to scroll down through the options. I am using Microsoft Office 98

All other features work fine

Driving me nuts!

  Graham ® 19:24 21 Feb 05

This may be a memory problem.

  shedboy69 19:28 21 Feb 05

System just rebuilt and works 100% except for problem mentioned.

  Jackcoms 19:36 21 Feb 05

It could be an incompatibility between your OS (XP) and your version of Office (98).

XP usually ships with Office 2002 or 2003.

Office 98 is just one step up from parchment and quill pen.

Suggest that you either live with it or upgrade your Office software.

  westwit 19:42 21 Feb 05

Have you tried using the Program Compatilbility wizard to set Office 98 to run using Windows 98?

  Graham ® 19:51 21 Feb 05

I have Office 97 on XP, works perfect.

  KingCanute 22:02 21 Feb 05

I must be using a pointed stick and clay tablets as I have installed Office 97 on two XP machines with no problems :-)

  shedboy69 09:33 22 Feb 05

Tried the compatability wizard, and problem still the same. It only affects Office suite of programmes and only the drop down menus, all other aspects work fine.

  keith-236785 09:40 22 Feb 05

Graham ®, i also ran office97 on XP Pro until i upgraded to Office XP

i agree with you about the memory issue, we all know windowsXP requires a huge ammount of memory to run well, if memory is limited then it would cause a slowdown in things like menus appearing, programs launching ect.

minimum memory for xp is 64mb (you would be stressed with so little ram), reccomended is 128mb but i would say 256 is the minimum i would put in a new build.

512mb is a good ammount to have, 768 is what i have and things got a lot better when i went from 512 to 768.

if you have plenty of memory, i would suggest uninstalling Office and after a reboot, install it again.

  shedboy69 13:06 22 Feb 05

Thanks, I have unistalled and re installed office 97 and problem still exists.

I have checked system info and it is showing memory as 634 mb with AMD 2079 mhz processor

PC working great other than this.

  Graham ® 14:06 22 Feb 05

Check if your version of 97 is upgradeable.

click here

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