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  Lionheart ? 21:15 28 Jan 04

My daughter wants to have check boxes in a word document, so when it is clicked a tick will be placed in the box, at the moment a cross is put there, is it possible to change this.

  Lionheart ? 21:58 28 Jan 04


  james55 00:00 29 Jan 04


  Taff36 08:10 29 Jan 04

In Word you need to use form fields so right click a spare part of the toolbar and tick the forms toolbar to activate it. The one you want is the check box but there are several other useful options such as a drop down list etc.

Type "Form Fields" into help and it`s all there. Quick tip though - Once you have inserted your field you may need to right click it and select properties to get it`s options the way you want. Once you have set up the document you must click the protect form (Padlock Icon) so that everything works (i.e. you can check or uncheck the box in word with a click of the mouse) and if you want to change anything you must unprotect the form.

  Lionheart ? 08:16 29 Jan 04

Already done what you suggest, but would like a tick instead of a cross putting in the box any ideas how to change that.

  Taff36 08:29 29 Jan 04

I knew you were going to ask that! I`ll have a think and post back.......

  Lionheart ? 08:34 29 Jan 04

Thanks will check back later, got to go out for a awhile.

  Chris the Ancient 09:26 29 Jan 04

Unfortunately, check boxes can only hava a cross.

From practical experience, I couldn't find a sensible way of making tick boxes that the user didn't need a degree in computing to use!

  Lionheart ? 11:58 29 Jan 04

Thanks for the info.

  Taff36 13:00 29 Jan 04

I have cracked it - I think. Just need to check it out first. It`s quite simple too - it has to be for me!

  Taff36 13:34 29 Jan 04

What you need is to open another toolbar as well. The CONTROL TOOLBOX. It has similar icons to the FORM toolbar so don`t get them confused. Click on the design icon (Set square, ruler pencil) and then click the check box icon with the tick in it. This one does have a tick too. Now you have to click on the design icon again and then following my previous thread - lock the form before use.

You will have to modify the check box to suit but it is a bit of fun. With the form unlocked and in design mode, right click the check box and select CHECKBOX OBJECT>EDIT. This will allow you to type in your text. Note you may have to resize the box to see it all.

Next right click and select properties. Now you have control! Click the categorised tab and for example click in one of rows such as AUTOSIZE – there is a drop down box available and by changing it to true the box will expand to fit your text entered previously.

You can change most details – colour, font etc.

Have fun. (Have a go Chris the Ancient - Ye of little faith !)

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