Word Cursor Start Position Problem

  Legslip 12 Sep 12

I want to build a letterhead in word that I can regularly use.how do I save it as a template so that the cursor starts in the correct position that I require every time?

  difarn 12 Sep 12

You do not say which version of Word you have. In version 2007 you click on the office button top left, then on new, and choose letterhead. You should then be able to save this as a template.

  Legslip 12 Sep 12

Thanks Difarn.I'll give that a whirl tomorrow. it is word 2007

  BRYNIT 12 Sep 12

Selecting the Office button/new/letterhead will only give you a selection of letterhead templates.

This should help you CLICK HERE

  wee eddie 12 Sep 12

There is a very simple way.

Starting with a blank page, create the Page as you wish it to appear, with your Final Action to be writing of Dear Sir. The Cursor will then be at the end of the Sir.

Select 'Save as' and name it 'z - Letterhead' then select '.dotx' and place it in 'My Documents'.

The 'z -' prefix will place it at the end of your files in My Documents Folder, for easy access. When you open it, the Cursor will be where you left it, at the end of the Sir.

  Legslip 12 Sep 12

Thanks all so far.

Cant crack it yet.

After I include Dear Sir, in the template, I kick the cursor down two lines to where I want to start writing. This is where I want the cursor to be when I re-open. Can't seem to achieve that yet. So far I can only get the cursor to start flashing in the top left corner in front of text as always.

  wee eddie 12 Sep 12

How are you Saving it?

  Legslip 12 Sep 12

So far I've tried as a Word Template and an XPS document, from the Save As menu. Also tried .dotx after the filename.

  wiz-king 12 Sep 12

If it is saved as a Word template next time you need to use its Word > file > new > 'my templates'.

  wiz-king 12 Sep 12

Or you can do what I do for multi use documents - put the heading into the header along with your address and a text box to put the recipients details in. Save it to your desktop. Then you can just alter the recipient address, type the letter and then do a 'save as' if you want to keep it.


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