Word 97 Documents Resulting from Template Merges

  Blott 23:25 13 Jan 03
  Blott 23:25 13 Jan 03

For quite a long time I have been using documents which result from merging Acess97 database information into Word97 templates ( *.dot).

I have had no problems before as, up until recently, I have only used the result to print hard copies and not to save.

I can save the resulting documents using File>Save As , with no difficulty and all seems well.

However, when I try to open some of the saved documents, I get asked for the Access97 database password before they will open.

More worrying, I have emailed a couple of these documents and the recipients have also been asked for the Database password !

The one obvious question is --- why ? , but another question is why does this only happed on some of the documents and not others, in view of the fact that I apparently use exactly the same method to save them.

Regards to All,

  MoiraB 19:15 14 Jan 03

It looks as if you have protected your Access database with a password which would account for your being asked for it when using the template file (.dot) but if you save your merged document as a normal document (.doc) you should have no problem. Is it necessary to have the Access document protected by a password? If not use the "save" command and use the same name and say OK to replace the existing file without a password. This should solve your problem when using the template.

  Blott 17:44 19 Jan 03

Hi, MoiraB

Thanks for that, but nothing there seems to work.

I save the resulting merge as a *.doc, without any password.

It is when trying to open the *.doc document that I get a request for the database password.

No one else seems to have any suggestions.

I'll keep on trying and keep you advised.

May be quiet for a few days, but I do not let threads expire.


  MoiraB 16:15 20 Jan 03

It looks as if your documents are being saved in some sort of "merge" form that still requires the data source. When you've created the document see if the "Merge" toolbar is visible and within that you ought to be able to restore it to a normal Word document. Is it necessary to have a password on the Access database? Would removing it solve the problem.

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