concretepigsy 15:06 31 Oct 03

everytime i open a word file it askes me if i want to revert to the saved file, regardles of what i do.

help please


  Proxy Worm 15:23 31 Oct 03

What OS are you running?

  concretepigsy 17:36 31 Oct 03

Windows 2000 pro

  Diemmess 17:49 31 Oct 03

Just guessing............ There is a temporary file somewhere which is not closed properly, If you close Word first and browse around you may find it, particularly if you know the name of this rogue file. Search (outside word) in the Word documents you have, and perhaps in Windows\Temporary Files.

Anything recognisably Word with a squiggle somewhere in the name, delete it. If you are running Word there will always be a temporary file for the document on screen, that is why Word should be closed first.

  bremner 18:24 31 Oct 03

Search your machine for the file Normal.dot.

Delete it then start Word

Word will automatically create a new version of Normal.dot and that may solve the problem

  concretepigsy 18:40 31 Oct 03

thats cracked it

thanks bremner

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