Word 2007. Text Flow round objects.

  compumac 06 Mar 13

Wrapping text around an object –Picture, text box, clipart etc. I have a very long text document with inserted tables, pictures and some clipart and text boxes. The text flows round the object to the right, above and below if the object is adjacent to the left margin,and if the object is moved to the right margin the text flows to the left, above and below.

If I move the object to the centre of the text (i.e. away from either margin) the text flows above and below the object but not on either side. I have selected within the Text Wrapping options both “Square” and “Tight”.

Searching the internet has not come up with any solutions to this. . I have done many similar documents in the past without problem albeit not in recent times. I have checked that Word is not corrupted and also checked with another PC with Word installed.

I am sure that the answer is something very obvious (but not to me at this time)

Any thoughts/ suggestions?

  Woolwell 06 Mar 13

With either square or tight text wrapping is both sides selected?

I find positioning pictures a pain in Word.

  compumac 06 Mar 13


I made the posting and then had to go out. Two minutes away from home I realised the problem was of my own making on my test page. I did not wish to mess around with my original document and cause further hassle, so I had produced a test page page of characters with NO spaces and that caused the problem - With no spaces between characters formatting text AROUND the object it had to insert the object as a vertical insertion. I have just returned and created a page of normal text (with spaces between) and inserted an object and moved it around without a problem.

Conclusion: Think before you jump!! albeit I still have to sort out my original document!!


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