Word 2007 keeps crashing/freezing

  tonyq 11 Nov 13

Hi all,

I am posting on behalf of my son who is having problems with Word 2007(Office 2007) Windows Vista running on a Samsung Laptop,which keeps crashing/freezing. I have done a repair to Word to no avail. In the events viewer it is coming up with,Event I.D.7001.

  Woolwell 11 Nov 13

Possibly an add-in or Windows update snag see Ms Answers

  tonyq 17 Nov 13

Woolwell, sorry for the delay,I did as suggested in the link,plus other things clean up,run Malwarbytes, Hitmanpro scanned for virus ect. Still having problems. My son needs his laptop for his work so I can only have it for short spells. I am thinking of uninstalling Word 2007 (Microsoft Office 2007) completely then reinstall. Is there any way I can completely uninstall, without leaving traces of the old install?

  Woolwell 17 Nov 13

I wonder if any other programs are causing crashes too. Guess that it must be a few years old. Is it overheating?

  wee eddie 17 Nov 13

It would make sense to examin for other possible causes before concluding that Word is the cause.

Overheating should be high on your list. I would also indulge in a marathon clean up. CCleaner, Malwarebytes & Spybot S&D, followed by a Defrag.

If the problem is still present, then a reinstall would be on the cards.

A crowded Hard Drive is also a possibility

  tonyq 18 Nov 13

The laptop is about 5/6yrs old. I did a marathon clean up CCleaner, Malwarebytes,Hitman Pro,virus scan (Avast) followed by a Defrag. Before my previous posting. As far as I know it crashes only when using Word (Office 2007).


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