Word 2003 Spell Checker

  Pan Man 16:02 16 Sep 05

I've just purchased laptop from Dabs which came with a preinstalled trial copy of Microsoft Office on usable for 60 days. I didn't want to use this as I have my own copy of M.S Office 2003 Pro which I installed after uninstalling the trial version. Everything works now except the spell checker which said it couln't find the welse dictionary everytime I ran it. I downloaded the welsh dictionary and installed it and now the spell checker runs but checks in welsh. There is the option to change it to English UK but when I do this it will not remain the default and changed back to welse after checking each word or when I relaunch Word. Before I installed the welse dictionary I was unable to even get to change the dictionarys. I have tried everything to keep English as the default with no use. Works 8 was also preinstalled on the machine and the spell check in this and in outlook express is english. Where do I have to point Word to check in English please before I loose any more hair.

  Stuartli 16:05 16 Sep 05

You certainly need the feature...:-)

  Yoda Knight 16:10 16 Sep 05
  Pan Man 16:16 16 Sep 05

Tried all that stuff and it just reverts back. Only dictionary I've found with a search is Custom.dic

  Klof Ron 17:21 16 Sep 05

Tools\Set Language\English UK\ be sure to click Default button on the bottom left, OK out save if requested close word, reopen and it should be set to U K English (check bottom of screen).

  Pan Man 18:27 16 Sep 05

Still no good. Keeps opening with Welsh dictionary still. The only way I can get it to go to English UK is to start typing and then change the language and it will then continue in English untill I close word and reopen when it says Welsh at the bottom of screen again. If I save something after I have spell checked it in Engilsh and then reopen it it opens up in English. I'm really confused.

  Yoda Knight 18:41 16 Sep 05

Using what I said in the above mentioned thread, u need to locate the dictionary files and rename them. I would search my hard drives for "welsh*.*" and see if you can find a corresponding file called "english*.*"

  Pan Man 18:55 16 Sep 05

There are no Welsh or English dictionaries. *.dic* only brings up custom.dic
English*.* brings up an English.LNG file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MODI\11.0 but Wesh*.* brings up nothing

  Diodorus Siculus 18:58 16 Sep 05

Is the missing dictionary a hidden file? Worth checking that hidden files are being shown.

  Pan Man 18:59 16 Sep 05

I checked in hidden files

  Klof Ron 11:57 17 Sep 05

Just a thought, try searching for normal.dot and deleting it, next time you start word it will re-create it, then try changing the dictionary to U K English as default.

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