Word 2003 - locking entire paragraphs ?

  Camdean 09:05 09 Jul 09

Hi, I have a risk assesment template I use in Word 2003, I am trying to lock parts of the document so that when I go to make a risk assesment for a job we have other parts of the page dont move around when I insert data.

I tried using protect document, but when I do this and activate, I can enter into the allowed spaces but the whole document moves around, I just need to lock the template I have for the blank one, so that when I add input, the other parts don't start moving around when I start typing.

Help appreciated, thanks.

  mgmcc 09:16 09 Jul 09

Would it help if you created a "Form"? By doing this you would lock the document so that data could only be entered into the "text" or "checkbox" etc fields in the document. The locked portions of the document *shouldn't* move.

  Camdean 09:32 09 Jul 09

Hi, I just looked around but I can't seem to find any 'Form' option to do this ?

  Chris the Ancient 10:24 09 Jul 09
  mgmcc 11:35 09 Jul 09

It seems to me that Microsoft's tutorial, while undoubtedly correct, does make it more complicated than perhaps it needs to be.

From the View menu, select Toolbars and then Forms. This toolbar lets you insert the various "fields" into the document which users can then fill in. When you've finished creating the document with all of the necessary "fields" for completion, use the option on the Forms toolbar to lock the document. Then only those parts of the document which are "fields" can be altered.

If you want to password protect the document to prevent it from being unlocked, instead of locking it from the Forms toolbar, use the main menu "Tools > Protect Document" and select the option to Protect Document for Forms.

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