WORD 2003 - fragmentation

  novis 21 Jul 11

Using Word 2003 in Vista on a Toshiba laptop I'm having multiple problems. Using the backspace bar or the scrollbar causes the screen to fragment into 2 imaged. Minimising the screen temporarily resolves it.

There is a further problem - it breaks up the task bar and when I click on start to reboot the machine, selecting the shutdown arrow doesn't work and causes further chaos. What is the problem?

  Woolwell 21 Jul 11

How much Ram? When did you last run anti-virus? How much space left on hard drive? Is it running hot and when did you last clean it? Graphics drivers up to date?

  wee eddie 21 Jul 11

Sounds like a RAM problem to me. Load Belarc to see what you have, it's free and very useful.

  novis 21 Jul 11

It is cleaned regularly - sometimes daily. There is 3 gb of RAM installed. I run avast anti-virus. The HD is 63 GB with 23 GB free. The graphic drivers are up to date.

  Press Man 21 Jul 11

Has Word 2003 run before with out problems? Has this just started to happen? Have you tried a system restore to before the problem started? If you have the Word 2003 CD then run it and choose do a repair. Or, uninstall Word 2003 and do a reinstall.

  novis 21 Jul 11

This is a PROBLEM THAT occurred before, but resolved itself.

It is not a WORD problem but related to the RAM - as it occurs when more than one programme runs. What can I do to resolve it - I am generally able to run several programmes simultaneously with 3 GB of RAM.

  northumbria61 21 Jul 11

Suggest you download and run MEMTEST86 to check your RAM link text

  novis 23 Jul 11


The problem was resolved with a systems restore.

  northumbria61 23 Jul 11

novis - thanks for the feedback. Good to hear things are back to normal for you. Tick as "resolved"


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