word 2000

  FRANK-317188 15:09 09 Feb 05

Suddenly unable to open word .

  MichelleC 15:11 09 Feb 05

Try detect and repair, if still no go do a clean reinstall.

  FRANK-317188 15:13 09 Feb 05

Searched for normal.doc and changed it to .old.
Will this cause me any probs ?
Also found another file called ~$Normal. Any idea what this is ?


  Diodorus Siculus 15:14 09 Feb 05

What happens? Can you open a file that already exists? Or simply unable to open the program to create new ones?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:15 09 Feb 05

It should be normal.dot

- ie a blank template. No problem deleting it.

~$Normal is the temp file that is in the background and should delete when word closes.

  FRANK-317188 15:16 09 Feb 05

Try detect and repair, if still no go do a clean reinstall.

No joy with any of these.

  The BB 15:30 09 Feb 05

Thinking back, believe try WINWORD from the start->run command.
The Normal.dot holds your personalised setting, such as default page size, heading styles etc, so renaming it out of the way and seeing if that the culprit might help. The ~$ is a sign that Word abnormally ended and left some open files.

From memory if you run winword /a from the command line that clears things up, but I can't remember if there are side effects

  Diemmess 16:46 09 Feb 05

Close Word if it is running. Search for Normal.dot and delete it. (if you are nervous you can rename it instead to abnormal.dot)

Restart Word and it should make a brand new normal.dot without fuss.

Only snag is that if you edited Normal.dot in the past these mods will disappear back to the Word default.

  FRANK-317188 19:56 10 Feb 05

Many thanks to everybody. Changing normal.doc seems to have cured it.

Kind regards

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