Wondering mouse

  varney 14:18 08 Dec 06

Hi, the mouse on my laptop has developed a mind of its own, is there a way to fix this?

  dazwm 14:27 08 Dec 06

Is it cordless? If so check batteries.

  varney 14:31 08 Dec 06

Its the internal mouse

  dazwm 08:39 11 Dec 06

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers.

  keef66 15:01 11 Dec 06

Is it a Dell?

  fishfingers 16:41 11 Dec 06

I have the same problem, it just goes wild now and again and flies all over opening applications when I touch the pad. I have to press escape button several times to stop it. Mine is on the Advent 7065, rather annoying I have reinstalled the drivers and it still does it.

  Kate B 16:52 11 Dec 06

Is it an optical mouse? I find that lifting it off the surface and wiping a finger over its red light bit gets it to behave when you put it down again.

  fishfingers 16:56 11 Dec 06

No the mouse is an inbuilt keyboard mouse on a laptop.

  varney 20:42 12 Dec 06

Hi its a dell laptop, not too sure about unistalling the drivers how would I re install them?

  keef66 16:22 13 Dec 06

lots of my colleagues have had similar problems with their Dell Latitude D600 laptops, but I.T. support never came up with a definitive fix. You could look under touchpad settings and disable the tapping function. Or disable the touchpad entirely and use the nipple thing in the middle of the keyboard, or plug in an external mouse. Alternatively see if there's a newer driver on the Dell website and install that. Alps touchpad I think it's called on mine.

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