WOLF ST9 computer

  dnjl 20:19 01 Apr 07

(it only comes with Vista Home Premium).It's in latest PC Advisor mag.made by Cube at £899.
Sp;ec.is -
Intel core 2 duo E6400 dual core process.
2048 mb corsair DDR ll 667 memory,
400 Gb SATA ll Seagate Ultra fast H.D,
NEC 7170 multi format DVD/CD rewriter,
Geforce 7900GS 512mb PCI express Graphics card,
Intel core 2 duo deluxe m/b.
DVD/CD ROM drive,
19" widescreen TFT flat panel screen,
wireless multi media k/b & mouse,
creative inspire 5800 5.1 speaker system,
12 USB ports & firewire.
Is this a good buy & has anyone any after sales experience with Cube in Leeds?

  skidzy 20:46 01 Apr 07

Yes a good spec,however do you need that spec ?

What are your intentions,if just to surf the net...you do not need a top end pc.

Did notice though (12 usb ports) and no mention of psu output,you would be looking for at least 500w+

Ive recently bought similar spec,but do use the power of the processor with my video/photo editing etc.

  dnjl 10:39 02 Apr 07

We intend to use it for games - World of warcraft initially.
Will ask the mfg. for the psu output on this, thanks a lot.
Also thanks for you answer on AVG & Zone Alarm.

  Kate B 11:19 02 Apr 07

Nice PC, though don't Cube machines come in a small case? It would need a fair bit of cooling and that I suspect would be noisy. Also, you don't need that much graphics grunt for WoW. But a nice spec, definitely.

  UncleP 11:54 02 Apr 07

Cube247 computers are generally supplied in the usual tower cases; they are, in my limited experience, a bit (but not excessively) noisy as they are powerful machines.

A number of other companies make desktop machines in small cubic cases whose model name or type description includes the word 'Cube'. They generally employ lower power microprocessors to get round the heat problem, and to reduce the noise level.

So confusion arises when 'Cube247' is familiarly referred to as 'Cube'!

  Kate B 12:27 02 Apr 07

Thanks for clearing that up :)

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