wndows cannot find

  timber 11:03 18 Apr 03

on start up got as far as loading desktop and system tray and then system shut down.
got into safe mode and run system restore
on start up next time got error message

windows cannot find
have run anti virus check and adaware everything okay
can anyone please help

running windows exp


  MAJ 11:14 18 Apr 03

It looks like you've had a virus, timber, click here , you'll have to do a bit of registry editing to get rid of some rogue entries. Instructions at that link above. Remember to disable System Restore first, this will delete all your restore points, so when you have cleaned your registry and done an up to date virus scan, re-activate System Restore and create a new restore point.

  MAJ 11:17 18 Apr 03

I forgot to say, timber, "system32.exe" does not exist in Windows XP, it's not a Windows file.

  timber 11:23 18 Apr 03

thanks MAJ will try that and come back on result


  timber 12:35 18 Apr 03


problem resolved by editing registry

thanks for your time


  MAJ 13:26 18 Apr 03

Happy to help, timber. :-)

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