wmv freezes

  brickie999 21:10 18 Jan 07

when i play wmv files on windows media player , VLC and others the pc freezes and some strange looking effects appear as though the video card has just got a mind of its own and the pc has to be rebooted.Mpeg files seem to play ok though.anyone got any ideas.

  skidzy 22:44 18 Jan 07

Maybe missing or broken video codecs click here

  BearHead 23:39 18 Jan 07

no, i have the same proble and i have all the codecs, i think it might be spyware..

  skidzy 23:46 18 Jan 07

Check for updates on your graphics card driver,and also check cables and card is firmly seated.Thats assuming you have a graphics card and not onboard graphics.

Also check device manager for any yellow exclaimation marks.

  brickie999 20:27 19 Jan 07

hi skidzy the graphics card is ok and the driver is updated.there are no exclamation marks in device manager.i have installed k-lite codec pack 2.82 (full).i have also done a full scan for spyware with lavasoft adware,windows defender,spybot and panda.sadly though the problem still exists.anymore ideas?

  skidzy 22:56 19 Jan 07

Will they play on this player click here

  brickie999 14:41 20 Jan 07

have still got the problem.i think i will try a new video card.thanks for the help.

  brickie999 17:55 22 Jan 07

pretty sure its the video card.many thanks for the advice and help with this problem.

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