al 18:23 12 Jan 04

I keep getting the message.wmplayer has caused an error in WMPlayer.exe.if this continues please restart your computer.
I have got Roxio easy ECDC installed. It was OK until last year when my computyer crashed, now I cant get it to play my CDs

  Big Elf 19:41 12 Jan 04

What version of Windows and Media Player do you have?

  Big Elf 20:20 12 Jan 04

From email (sigh)

"Hi Elf. Thanks for your quick response. Windows ME. and Roxio Easy CD Creater. Version5 Basic. I am able to record and download music, but for some reason I am not able to play them. I keep getting the message WMPlayer has caused an error in WMPlayer.exe. try restarting your computer. It would seem like its something simple. Hope you can help. All the best Al."

  Big Elf 20:24 12 Jan 04

Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible to uninstall and then reinstall Media Player? Are there any patches from Roxio that would be applicable?

  tafoody 20:42 12 Jan 04

you can download a full version of 7,( for win98, but ive installed into winME, click here

if its 9 you could uninstall thru system restore. click here

  tafoody 00:43 14 Jan 04

From email

"Hi tafoody.Thanks very much for your help.I first tried to download v7, but ME would not accept.So tried your other suggestion. and they came up with a special v9 for ME. and it works perfectly. Thanks again tafoody, I wish I could reciprocate, but you never know. cheers Al.

No problem Al, but you should get into the habit of repling to the thread rather than sending emails, it helps everybody that way

  notrom 09:02 25 Apr 04

If I try to play a cd I get the following message: Windows cannot find wmplayer.exe.

If I click on Windows Media Player programme, windows begins searching for wmplayer.exe and eventually comes up with following message:

The item ‘WMPLAYER.EXE’ that this shortcut refers to has been changed or removed, so this shortcut will no longer work properly.

The nearest match based on size, date and type is ‘C:\Program Files\Common...\Setup.exe’

Do you want to fix this shortcut to point to this target or do you just want to delete it?

Have not done either of suggested options.

Anyone out there who can help please? Am using Windows ME and am not technically minded.


  notrom 09:04 25 Apr 04

Sorry! This was meant to be new question! Too early Sunday morning - brain not booted up!

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