wmp11 sound but no vision

  Seth Haniel 10:22 12 Aug 10

Windows 7 - new install
other video programs work fine. RealPlayer - Windows Media Centre etc but WMP11 only has sound when same files played

  rdave13 11:37 12 Aug 10

Try these Win 7 codecs; click here

  rdave13 11:39 12 Aug 10

PS I just use the K-Lite pack from FileHippo.

  Seth Haniel 11:52 12 Aug 10

downloading the Major Geeks Win7 Codecs from your first link - will install tonight
and let you know

  Seth Haniel 08:33 13 Aug 10

turned off DirectX Acceleration.
Codecs may have worked on XP but windows 7 no chance -I have full Administrator account - full access to take permission of files and folders - UAC off etc etc - but gets 90% through install (even right clicked and run as Administrator) then it comes up can't write to reg key ....media/Player - and then uninstalls itself.

even been into registry to the required key and cannot access it to edit or even view

  jack 08:58 13 Aug 10

Not had a delve yet in the mysteries of '7' but the M/S help site should be able to point in the right direction - perhaps a patch is due.

  Seth Haniel 11:06 13 Aug 10

will start new thread on other problem

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