wmp stops playing-windows audio service is missing?

  theDarkness 22:42 PM 15 Jun 11

No audio device works anymore. I think the issue was down to recently updating vista, or trying out (uninstalling) RealPlayer. Most likely the latter. Clicking on 'audio' in the control panel, I am given the choice of re-enabling vistas windows audio service, but nothing happens when I choose to do this. The audio control panel shows with speakers etc, all stated as still "working", but I cannot disable or enable anything, and no options are available anymore for individual audio items (eg sound levels). Is there a quick way to re-enable the windows audio service without restoring the system?

  northumbria61 23:29 PM 15 Jun 11
  theDarkness 23:53 PM 15 Jun 11

thanks-I found out in the end that all I had to do was re-activate the 'multimedia class scheduler' service, and then activate 'windows audio' service, from here. Im hoping that all the most necessary windows services are up and running-but Im not sure as to how why the class scheduler service could be disabled by an uninstallation (eg of realplayer, if it really could have caused the issue)..!


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