WMP or iTunes or Media Centre??

  hawthorn59 14:17 21 Apr 08

Hi Guys

Im about to transfer all my music from old laptop to new (Vista) one. A daunting task! I have been mainly using iTunes, though sometimes used WMP. I think there are some tracks that only appear in WMP, probably ones I bought from a music store, not mp3s. So I suppose I'll have to trapse through the WMP library and sort them out!

I know there are threads on this but is there a quick not too technical way of importing my iTunes playlists? (That is, if I stick with iTunes, seeing the title of my topic!)

And so the main question; have you preferences among the latest versions of iTunes, WMP 11, Windows Media Centre, or even the latest free Real Player (had to download that for some sites to show clips).

I know I'll probably get a mixed bag of replies! Maybe I'll end up using more than one. What is worrying me is if im using more than one (ie wma files with WMP) is how to keep track of ALL my songs in one place if possible. I think iTunes only shows mp3s and mp4s. Not sure.

Finally some of my tracks are mp4s, can I, or should I, convert them back to mp3s? And how?

Many thanks!


  wrg 16:50 21 Apr 08

I use iTunes (not because I want to) as I have an iPod and you cannot sync with WMP (there is a way but quite conviluted). I imported all my music into iTunes S/W direct from my music folders and not WMP and it gave me the option to convert to MP3 or AAC and then I created a playlist and added accordingly. What I have done is created a playlist called all (for all music) which I use to sync and created individual playlists for ea genre ie 80's, 60's and so on.

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