WMP 11

  Weskit 18:36 11 Jan 07

Have just d'loaded WMP 11, trying to run it I get a lot of legal guff which means very little to me so have done a system restore to the former WMP. Does anyone know what all this legal stuff means, is there any problem if I move to WMP 11?

  Jackcoms 18:40 11 Jan 07

"Does anyone know what all this legal stuff means"

Haven't a clue, but you'll find that 99% of software comes with - it's mainly the designers/architects of the software protecting their rights. Ignore it.

"is there any problem if I move to WMP 11?"


  Weskit 20:28 11 Jan 07

This is not the usual legal jargon, MS talk about sending personal information from one's computer and downloading other software. Am I missing something or is it another case of backdoor control? I have reverted to WMP 10 at the moment.

  Jackcoms 20:30 11 Jan 07

"Am I missing something or is it another case of backdoor control?"

What exactly are you worried about?

You'll find that many Forum members (including me) are using WMP 11 with no problems at all.

  GaT7 20:34 11 Jan 07

You could just tick/untick the relevant boxes, couldn't you? G

  Weskit 09:20 12 Jan 07

The point is, you have to accept MS's provisos before you can instal. Are you folks using the Beta version or the final release which appears to have just come available?

  driving man 09:39 12 Jan 07

WMP installs very well and has new features and more than just a whiff of "Vista" about it.
Like as with a good many things one often prefers the old and tried to the unknown.
Install it, play with it and if not for you roll back to WMP10.
Ok, it is different but once you get to know it you will find its intuitive

  Weskit 15:38 12 Jan 07

OK, I'll give it a try.

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