WMP 10 won't detect my DVD burner

  glynda 20:57 08 Sep 05

I would like to use WMP 10 to burn some CD'S or DVD's but it does not detect my DVD burner saying that I should press F5 to refresh but nothing happens.
The burner is a Sony and works with all other programmes

Help please!

  sinbad1 21:14 08 Sep 05

have a look in options/devices see if its there if not add

  Stuartli 21:31 08 Sep 05

WMP's Tools>Options<Devices>highlight the drive(s)>Properties>Recording tab>Enable Recording on this drive.

  glynda 19:12 09 Sep 05

The drive is in the tools- devices section of WMP but there is no recording tab when I click on properties only audio

  Stuartli 23:43 09 Sep 05

You should have Audio, Recording and Quality tabs.

  glynda 10:38 10 Sep 05

Thanks for your help . . . I've double checked and there is just an audio tab with playback and audio boxes - Should I uninstall WMP 10 and then reinstall it

  glynda 10:40 10 Sep 05

Should have said . . . just an audio tab with playback and rip boxes

  Stuartli 10:57 10 Sep 05

You can't uninstall WMP10. Check out the FAQs:

click here

click here

click here

If none of these help, perhaps downloading the latest version of WMP10 from the Microsoft website might provide the solution.

  glynda 14:03 10 Sep 05

Thanks again . . . Clicked on the links but no luck - checked in the marketplace that my device is compatible with XP Home and it is . . . why wouldn't I have a recording or quality tab in the devices section you mentioned before


  ACOLYTE 14:13 10 Sep 05

Does windows recognise the drive as a dvd burner,and not a standared dvd rom drive?

  Fellsider 14:20 10 Sep 05

Have you got the DVD element? (This AFAIK does not come as standard with MP10).

Look at click here

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