WMP 10

  Ade_1 11:44 13 May 06

Hi, i recently reinstalled WMP 10 after formatting my computer however when i have downloaded it from the Microsoft website it is still the old icons next to music, i was wondering if there is a file (as there is obivously something missing from the download) which has the correct icons in.

Just to add, there is nothing in the icons folder in the WMP 10 folder

  Ade_1 11:55 13 May 06

I have managed to do it for majority of thigns that open with WMP apart from Windwos Media Audio File, i did it by going into File types and changing icons. Sorry for pointless thread!

  curtis8345 14:02 13 May 06

i had that problem but after a while the icons changed to the new icons of wmp10. Dont worry you did not miss a file that you needed to download, its just looks like a common problem to me.

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