wma v mp3

  Marky_Bhoy 12:05 08 Feb 04

What are the pros and cons of wma and mp3?

In your opinion what is the best format for music files?

  Dazwm 12:15 08 Feb 04

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  ton 19:18 08 Feb 04

An mp3 is 'more universal' - most players can play them.

A wma file is half the size and (to me) it sounds just as good.

It is really up to your ears and how you want to play the files.

  Marky_Bhoy 20:12 08 Feb 04

ton- I agree with your comments.

Do you think that more CD/DVD players support WMAs in the not to distant future?

  ton 20:46 08 Feb 04

I think wma's probably will be supported more as the converter is Msoft and free.

There are others like Mp3Pro and Attrac by Sony.
Both of these are very good with much smaller files than mp3 but they are not free.

A lot of mp3 players do support wma now and my Ipaq pocket PC does also.

  Marky_Bhoy 23:11 08 Feb 04

All of my music collection is in wma format which is why I bought an wma/mp3 player.

Anyone got any other views?

  Pesala 23:35 08 Feb 04

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Open source, higher quality, better compression than MP3. Supported by some modern portable players.

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