WMA to MP3. I need YOU to do this for me now...

  Z1100 17:19 16 Nov 06


I have a WMA Track with DRM embedded. I need this track converted to a MP3 track for a wedding slide show that I have put together for my Sister-in-laws Mother-In-Law.

I have downloaded several SW Packages that claim to be able to convert this one file and they are all talking balderdash! I don't care to list them as I have used about half a dozen.

Not one will touch it and I am a little bit frustrated by that so, what I require is one of you clever clogs to help.

My intention would be to e-mail the track to you and have you convert it to 128bit MP3 and send it back all in double quick time as I cannot close the project until I convert this ruddy track.

Alternatively, where can I buy "Bob Carlisle-Butterfly Kisses" as an MP3 without signing up to some monthly fee that I do not want? Believe it or not I bought this track online from Tesco Music Download! Who would have thunk it! (I know, thunk is not a word, well it is my house)

Any Volunteers?


  Kate B 17:23 16 Nov 06

Can you burn it as an audio track playable in a stereo to a CD then re-rip it? The sound quality will be pretty dire, mind you, but that's the only way I can think of doing it.

  Z1100 17:24 16 Nov 06

It says it it protected, which is it, and it will not re-code it :(


  Joe R 17:29 16 Nov 06


this may be useful.

click here

  Z1100 17:37 16 Nov 06

It needs to be done tonight or I will get shot. Well not shot, not exactly but there could be some serious finger wagging in my general direction... And that's quite scary!


  NewestRoyWidd1 17:39 16 Nov 06

If you want the track im mp3 format,at the stated bitrate,email me using the yellow envelope next to my name,and I'll see what can be done.

  Stuartli 17:41 16 Nov 06

Why not just pay Tesco.com 79p, download it, play it on Windows Media Player and burn it to a CD as an MP3?

click here

  Stuartli 17:42 16 Nov 06

Also see:

click here

  NewestRoyWidd1 17:44 16 Nov 06

I have the track,and am more than willing to email it to you Z1100.

  Z1100 17:53 16 Nov 06

Contact e-mail in the pipe. I will shunt the track over to you as soon as I get a reply.


  Z1100 19:18 16 Nov 06

and it's a good'un


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