WMA to MP3 converter software required

  mousee 07 Jun 11

I've recently bought a Peugeot 3008 and included is a decent music system, so I purchased a good sized Kingston memory stick to load up with MP3s to play in the car, I did a good few CDs and tried them in the car, only a few played, after reading the manual, it states that the system will only read MP3, some of the files are WMA, I've downloaded a converter and even after doing the conversion, the files still aren't recognised, can anyone offer some help please?

  Jwbjnwolf 07 Jun 11

Atube Catcher is a free application built for xp and above. It is aimed at video downloading from sites such as youtube. It also allows you to convert video & music to whatever format you want. It does not even have to be youtube that you download from.

You can also convert AAC, FLA & Shockwave formats as well to what ever stuff you want but not the other way.

I had been searching for ages for a video/music converter and ways to download stuff from youtube & was such a happy person when somebody told me about this application.

Another feature is that you can record exactly what you are doing on the screen, which is brilliant for tutorials. I have come across millions of alternatives that cost a lot more than what they are worth.

I would give it 10 out of ten but it is not available for Mac or Linux so I have given it an 9 out of ten instead.

Hope this helps :)

  eedcam 07 Jun 11

why did you not rip to mp3 with WMp too late for the ones already done but next time

  magnus35 08 Jun 11

Here is a free , and easy to use sound converter which I have been using for a few years - http://www.nch.com.au/switch/

  Jwbjnwolf 08 Jun 11


You are a star

Mousee If you have iTunes as well, then I think you can convert WMA to MP3 using iTunes

  mousee 11 Jun 11

I don't have i-Tunes but have the problem solved now, thank you to all who replied.




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