Wirless signal Repeater

  rdh660 20 Oct 11

Hi, I want to install a wifi repeater to extend my wireless signal to parts of my property where it it is finding difficulty in reaching. I have a wirless N router which works well but we live in a four storey house and the signal is lost in some parts. I do not want to use the extenders which utilise the house mains wiring. I have looked online to 'learn' a little about this installation but cannot find the answer to one of my questions. Can I install the repeater so that the ssid etc is the same as my normal wifi signal or will the repeater transmit a wifi network of it's own and require me to log onto that network when I am in areas of the repeater signal ?.....hope that makes sense. What I want to do is use the wifi from my router/repeater as one network and have my laptop log on automatically no matter which units signal (router or repeater) it is using. I am not very good at these installations so I would appreciate any advice. regards Rob

  BRYNIT 20 Oct 11

A quick search found this Click here it may be of help.

  Roadgiant 20 Oct 11

I have a Netgear Universal WiFi Range Extender downstairs in my house which connects to a wireless router which is located upstairs,the downstairs one shows up as (name of my network)_EXT, depending on what room I am in sometimes I have to select which one I use (depending on where I am in the house) from the wireless symbol on the task bar, but I don't have to log in and out.

  rdh660 20 Oct 11

Thanks for the quick responses. Has any body got any recommendations as to which repeater is 'best' My router is a Belkind ADSL wireless N model and to be honest works very well . Thanks again regards Rob


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