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Wirless Network

  chaztait 19:48 26 Oct 05

Hi i have had my wireless network for a god while now and i restored my laptop, but now it will not connect, well it does when you disable network security but when you put on the security and try to connect with the correct passwords it connects but then says aquiring netowrk address.

Why does it not connect?

I am usin WPA-PSK (no server)

And the Encryption Technique is TKIP

Has the windows firewall got turned on by default with the restore? If you have another firewall(such as Norton) have you told it to exclude the network?

  woodchip 19:53 26 Oct 05

If I was you I would first recheck all settings in Laptop correspond with Router, If necessary change you key and save and reboot the Router then start comp and try

  woodchip 19:55 26 Oct 05

Forgot that one, I had to remove ZoneAlarm as its got its own Firewall

  chaztait 20:22 26 Oct 05

That did not work!

I hate wireless stuff

any other suggestions?

  woodchip 20:42 26 Oct 05

There as got to be a setting that is not the same or you have not saved after change. Plus you have to switch every thing of for five minutes then start router and switch on computer when lights are all on or as I have just done turn Laptop on the switch Router of for five minutes and turn back on. You have my sympathy with Wireless. Its all fun and games.

  retep888 20:46 26 Oct 05

If it works with the firewall off, then you haven't done the trusted zone correctly.

What internet security have you got? And what exactly have you done?

  noddy2121 21:14 26 Oct 05

why dont you try disabling the encryption completely and then trying to connect to the router.

Then if this works, try using wep, if you have nothing to secure i wouldnt bother, as it hasa huge impact on the performance of the connection e.g bandwidth.

and i dont think security in a home enviroment is a good trade of with bandwidth.

  woodchip 21:18 26 Oct 05

disabling the encryption completely, That's the security he is on about. He can connect with it switched off. That means he as not got the settings on the Laptop same as Router

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