wirless internet

  staceymc 13:52 08 Jul 09

How do i get my puter hooked up to wireless internet with out haveing to pay Huges net to hook it up, cost way to much.

  Clapton is God 13:56 08 Jul 09

Do what I just did and Google 'free wi-fi'

  staceymc 13:58 08 Jul 09

do i need to buy a wirless router

  Clapton is God 14:21 08 Jul 09

If your PC isn't already wireless-enabled you could buy a USB wireless dongle click here

  Pineman100 17:21 08 Jul 09

But if you're going to use a wireless dongle, make sure that the place(s) where you normally use the computer are in 3G reception areas. Not everywhere is.

  tullie 18:04 08 Jul 09

Its to connect to the router isent it,not a mobile network?

  Pineman100 18:13 17 Jul 09

In case staceymc is a bit confused by wireless routers versus wireless dongles, here's an attempt at clarification.

Assuming your computer is already fitted with a wireless adaptor (and if it's a laptop, the great majority of them are), then you can connect to the internet by attaching a wireless router/modem to your phone line. The data stream to/from your computer is sent wirelessly to the router, after which it travels down your phone line.

A wireless dongle doesn't use your home phone line at all. It connects you to the internet completely without wires, using the 3G mobile phone network. So you can connect to the internet in your house, in the middle of a field, in the street - anywhere. The dongle is a little thumb-sized device that you plug into your computer.

BUT - the catch is that you have to be in a 3G area for the dongle to work. And there are sizeable holes in this network. Have a look at the coverage map - click here.

I hope that helps.

  Strawballs 22:30 22 Jul 09

If you are with Virgin then you will need a cable router not a wireless router.

Sorry if I confused things again.

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