Wiring up hi-fi speakers through a PC

  RamUK 16:45 18 Jan 03
  RamUK 16:45 18 Jan 03

I want to wire up a pair of normal hi-fi speakers through my pc. They will be dedicated to the pc, but what do I need to do and will normal speaker cable do it?


  -pops- 16:48 18 Jan 03

There is no integral power amp in a normal PC so connecting speakers to it would not work. All computer speaker systems as far as I know have a power amp in one of the speaker cases or in the Subwoofer unit of more complex systems.


  RamUK 16:51 18 Jan 03


  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:54 18 Jan 03

You need a pair of active speakers, ie ones that have an integral amplifier click here


  misery 19:10 18 Jan 03

can run the speakers through your hi-fi with no problems. I'm assuming they're all within the same area of course.

  graham 19:27 18 Jan 03

there may be an amplifier on it. As for cable, the run would presumably be short so a light gauge cross-section should suffice.

  Djohn 19:34 18 Jan 03

graham, would I be correct in thinking the amp of a sound card will work if digital sound is selected?

  graham 19:43 18 Jan 03

The amp of a sound card is normally used to drive the little speakers at the side of the monitor. Not sure what you mean by digital sound, it's analogue coming out of the amp.

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