Wireless Xbox... help!!

  Lightchop 17:30 16 Jan 05

Experienced PC user here, but know nothing about networking. Just going to sign up for a 256 no limits Broadband service. This will feed the main PC in our 'study'. Son wants to hook up his Xbox to the xbox live service in his room. His game console is adjacent to a second PC of reasonable standard. We think we are going to go 'wireless' - but, what do I need? A quick look on ebay seems to show many different standards of wireless. I know I need a router, and a reciever at the other end, but are there any standards / speeds to look out or? I need to make sure that the network is up to ruunning the Xbox live facility with no problems.

  fenders 17:35 16 Jan 05

You will need a router if you are on a bt line(not cable) you will need an ADSL gateway. The easiest way to then go x box live from your other room would be to buy a wireless G game adapter to connect back to the router. This will allow the x box to be connected any where in the house. Linksys do a good router. Hope this helps

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