wireless works for 10 minutes?

  do-gull 15:15 08 May 07

Hiya all.
My laptop has worked fine wireless for quite some time but last night after about 10 minutes surfing i got the problem loading page.
The internet was fine on my p.c,so it is not an internet problem.Today I am typing this on the p.c as the laptop is suffering from the same problem.
So... for 10 mins or so it works a treat then it's as though i've pulled the plug on the internet.
The signal strength is very good.



  do-gull 15:25 08 May 07

If i re-start the laptop, I still cannot access the internet BUT if I switch off and then switch on,
IT works fine again for a further 10 mins or so?


  postie24 16:22 08 May 07

Try resetting the router,and re-entering details and encryption.
Should be a reset hole at back of modem/router

  do-gull 17:09 08 May 07

I have unplugged the router but to no avail,but not yet reset it as it did take some setting up.
The pc is having no problem although it is connected to the same router via ethernet.


  postie24 18:07 08 May 07

Might be worth a try tho,also try turning off encryption for a little while,just to see if it stays connected.Have you cleaned out temp files aswell?


  De Marcus™ 18:30 08 May 07

Have you tried changing the wireless channel?

  STREETWORK 19:17 08 May 07

Can you right click on the connection icon and select view available networks, if so select the one you need and see if it connects.

Check the adapter is not playing up by disconnecting and reconnecting it.

Check that the Wireless Zero Configuration has started by clicking 'start' 'run' type in services.msc scroll down the window and you will see the WZC listed, right click on it and select start or restart and see if the connection comes up.

If the above does not work you will need to make a new connection from control panel, network connections using the 'make new connection option' and follow the wizard...

  postie24 19:32 08 May 07

Also check in services that the dns client is set to auto

  do-gull 20:17 08 May 07

I deleted the wireless zero configuration,as it was using 98% processor, and did not seem to do anything?

Oooops!!! springs to mind.

I know the router is fine as I can use a p.c upstairs sometimes and that is fine.


  do-gull 20:22 08 May 07

Do I need wireless zero config even though I do not use windows to look after my wireless network.
I use the drivers that came with my Belkin router.


  Danoh 12:06 09 May 07

.. this is part of Windows networking - how did you "delete" it?

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