Wireless and Wired Networking

  SDJ 11:04 02 Dec 03

I have a desktop computer running XP Home with a DLink 520+ PCI card installed.
I also have a Leptop running ME with a DLink 650+ card installed.

I am sharing my internet connection on my desktop with my laptop, along with doc folders.

I have used the network wizard on XP machine and all is well. Sys Tray icon says very good signal.

The laptop however is another story. I use this laptop at work which connects to a server. It is setup as a network client and logs onto the workgroup.
I changed the workgroup from my office details to the MSHOME which is how my desktop is setup. I can see the decktop from within Neighbourhood Network but cant access it.

For some reason it is asking me for a username and password which im sure I didnt specify when I setup the desktop computer!

Should the laptop be setup as a client or just a plain Windows Logon?

If it should be the windows logon I guess I will lose my client settings and each time I go into the office will have to re set this up.

Any suggestions would be most gratefully received.

  SDJ 12:59 02 Dec 03

Any suggestions ?

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