wireless vista!

  smurf65 11:16 22 Apr 07

We recently bought a laptop with built in Vista Premium, we subscribed to Aol hoping to go wireless, however after many problems trying to set this up, Aol are saying that they cannot support Vista on a wireless set-up at the moment. Has anyone had the same problem or can anyone advise?

  Fingees 11:57 22 Apr 07

Most wireless router/modems work with vista.
I use a Belkin,with no problem, It's just that some ISP's own modems don't yet work with Vista.

  smurf65 12:11 22 Apr 07

We have a netgear dg834g wireless router supplied by AOL with the VR version disc and the laptop is wireless ready, but still no joy!

  Al94 12:31 22 Apr 07

Have a look here click here

  Dipso 21:43 22 Apr 07

What's the VR version disc? As previously mentioned the router should be independant of the operating system...is it the AOL software that isn't compatible, if so, do have to use it?

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