Wireless Video Issue - Help Please

  kg5ie 13 Nov 11

I have an issue I have been fighting for a week now. I should know how to fix this but so far no joy in Mudville.

Using a wireless router or wireless access point, I cannot stream video or audio. I also cannot download files such as upgrades to Adobe. I can browse to any internet site…such as Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, etc. but once I select a video, audio file, upgrade to download, etc. I cannot. I have tried three routers and one wireless access point. All give the same result.

Wireless download speed checks at 14.4mbps and upload at 7.04.

Now for the kicker. This happens on every device I own… laptop, TV, Wii, Bluray player, Iphone anything wireless. Now for kicker #2. As long as I hardwire to the router, any router, all is good. Netflix…OK. Youtube…OK. Download of files…OK.

I have unplugged everything that should be able to interfere, cordless phones, etc. I have changed channels on the routers and as I said it happens on all routers and my wireless access point.

Still stumped. Any suggestions???

  Graphicool1 13 Nov 11


You haven't said what your OS is or what Router you're using?

Have you posed this question on your router's site?

Have you been to your router's home site and checked for driver/firmware updates?

  kg5ie 13 Nov 11

I do not believe OS is an issue since it involves my PC (Win7), my Bluray player (Samsung), my TV (Samsung), and my Iphone.

As for routers I have tried 1 Cisco, 2 D-link, and 2 Netgear.

Firmware on routers is latest.

  kg5ie 13 Nov 11

I forgot to mention that I have the same issue on my Wii.

  Woolwell 13 Nov 11

What is your firewall/anti-Virus?


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