Wireless USB camera.

  SW-880 17:32 26 Mar 08

I was recently given a wireless USB camera, it's supposed to let me "spy" on others but I chose to use it to keep watch on the front door and my car.

It's supposed to be as simple as any USB plug and play devise. I instaled the drivers, connected the receiver and powered up the camera (with the mains adapter first and then the 9 volt battery adapter.

When I boot up WX Digital 2.8 which came with it I get a scren filled with static but that's all I get. I've never managed to get any sort of image even when they are sitting next to each other.

I've read that wireless internet can interfere so I've turned off the modem as well as the hands free phones and anything else I can think of that could cause problems.

I contacted the original seller who said I should connect it to my TV first to make sure the camera is working but I see no way of doing this. There's no obvious way the two little wires attatched to the camera can connect to either my TV or video.

Anyone else own one of these and can offer any suggestions??

  GEEKSTA 19:11 26 Mar 08

Is there any lights on the thing that attaches to the pc? or the camera?

If there is, they should be on?
And if they really are talking to each other wirelessly, the lights on them should be flashing?

Just a suggestion.

  SW-880 19:40 26 Mar 08

There's a LED on the receiver to indicate when it's on. It doesn't go on when I plug it into the USB slot but when I turn on a program such as WD digital or Video impression.

  Ashrich 21:14 26 Mar 08

What frequency does it operate on ? Any chance a nearby wireless network is interfering with it ....


  Ashrich 22:11 27 Mar 08

Should have read all of your first post , I see you have turned all appropriate things off ....have you got the transmitter and receiver working on the same channel ?


  SW-880 22:16 27 Mar 08

Well that's the thing.

There's a tuning dial which I should be able to tune into the camera but I get nothing.

I even tried pointing the camera at a flashing light to see if I could get any sort of flashing image on my monitor to see if I was just getting a fuzzy image. I still got nothing.

Another e mail to the supplier got me the same instructions as before. To connect the camera directly to my TV or VCR to make sure it's working. I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to do this as there's no wires in the box.

  Graham. 17:06 29 Mar 08

What is the make and model of the camera?

  SW-880 17:08 29 Mar 08

click here

This appears to be like mine only the camera is slightly different.

  Graham. 15:21 30 Mar 08

The receiver is a standard one for these applications.

You mention two little wires - is one the aerial? Are there any sockets on the camera, or anything plugged into a socket? If the latter, that would disable the wireless.

Could you take a close-up photo of the camera for us to see?

  SW-880 15:33 30 Mar 08

I can't get an actual picture of my camera but this one on Amazon has exactly the same connectors.

click here

Mine however has no antenna, should it?

  Graham. 19:54 30 Mar 08

The black lead looks like the power connector, the other two will be Video and Audio female Phono. Depending on what inputs you have on the TV, you will need leads from click here.

If you open any new leads carefully, straightening out staples, etc., you will be able to repackage them as new if they are of no use.

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