Wireless tick box not staying put?

  cofi 11:54 18 Jul 06

WindowsXP home on laptop.I.S.P.=B.T.Internet.
On the wireless network connections properties box there is a little box that has to be checked=use windows to configure my wireless network settings.The problem is that this box never stays checked and when I return to it the box has no check in it.B.T.Wireless has enough problems at the best of times without loosing the check in this box.Why do`s it disappear and what can be done to retain it? Is it a Windows problem or a B.T.problem? Thanks in anticipation.

  ArrGee 12:07 18 Jul 06

Are you using the BT software provided to connect to your network. If so, then it will overide the Windows network detection.

  cofi 12:41 18 Jul 06

When I first went on B.T.Internet I did use the C.D. provided by them to set everything up so I assume what you say is correct in my case.But I find that connecting to wireless is easier when the box is checked in properties.I manage quite well with the wireless now,but it can be a bit of a B****** to get a signal at times.Their help line is too much bother unless it is something serious.

  ArrGee 12:42 18 Jul 06

Once you have setup your network using the BT software, you can then remove it and let Windows take over.

  ArrGee 12:44 18 Jul 06

In terms of the signal, make sure the router is in a high enough position first of all. I had my router about a foot off the gorund, bad reception, then moved it just a foot higher and the reception is excellent.

  cofi 14:32 18 Jul 06

Yes I agree the position of the router will make a difference but I manage well enough now that I am used to it`s foibles etc. I don`t think the B.T.Wireless is a particularly good one but it will have to do for now. Am I right in thinking that all this wireless business has still got some problems to sort out? There seem to be a lot of queries about it on forums like this one.I wonder if wireless is the problem most often asked about on the forum? What about a top ten of forum problems?

  ArrGee 16:07 18 Jul 06

Well, I don't particularly this it's a 'wireless' problem per se. It's more a matter of the hard/software set-up. I use a BT Voyager 2100. This provides a wireless connection to my main desktop and four laptops dotted around the room. Also attached to this is a BT Voyager 10V Telephone Adapter, allowing me to make broandband calls without the need for switching on the pc. All works very well (after a bit of head-scratching in the beginning!)

  cofi 17:16 18 Jul 06

Yes it is the head-scratching to start with that got Me.As I said I manage well enough now.All that head scratching makes Me wonder about a toupee.

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