wireless through aol

  BWFCHORWICH 16:43 19 Feb 06

just got a d-link dsl 904 wireless internet bundle and want to connect to the internet through my laptop. i do not have another pc in the house (just my laptop) connected the router to the phone line and put the dongle into the usb on the laptop. laptop shows there is a good connection but i cant get onto aol. i think it is either the aol settings that i need to change. or does the router need to be connected to another pc?

can anyone help

  welshwizard712 16:46 19 Feb 06


Have You Visited the Router Control Panel?

Just like when you setup your computer with a ADSL Modem you need to tell it your ISP Details.

Best bet is to find the Instruction Manual or Quick Start Guide and it should thoroughly explain the Router Configuration Process :)

If you need any help or get stuck, post back



  hzhzhz 16:52 19 Feb 06

vague memories but I think you need to configure the router with the ethernet cable connected to your laptop.

  hzhzhz 17:01 19 Feb 06

click here might be of some use.

  BWFCHORWICH 17:02 19 Feb 06

should i be able to do this without having a seperate pc? i only have the laptop and i am trying to get it connected wirelessly

  hzhzhz 17:03 19 Feb 06

ooops, my link is the 604,sorry.

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