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  Stowit 20:37 31 Jan 04

I'm thinking of buying a router for a home network (& to allow a neighbour to share my BB connection) Do any wireless routers have a USB socket to allow me to use my USB modem? Also my pcs are linked with wifi 'b' I think - 11 mbs. will this be a bottle neck on the internet connection. In other words what speed does my internet run at compared with a wireless router? And will running two pcs for home use slow it down a lot. (I'll only use one of my pcs at once)

  SEASHANTY 23:23 31 Jan 04

There is a store of wireless networking knowledge on the Linksys education site click here

  Stowit 10:49 01 Feb 04

Thanks seashanty, I've seen the site & it's good, I was hopeing for a quick answere to my modem question - I cant see it for looking. I suspect their rounters need a different modem connection. Of course it doesnt mention any other manufacturers

  SEASHANTY 14:13 01 Feb 04

You haven't stated whether the BB is cable or ADSL?
I remember sometime ago the forum aditor stating that he used Draytek router but cannot remember if
it was ethernet or USB connection. I think this
Draytek one is ADSL BB. As for me I'm on NTL cable BB and use a Linksys non wireless set up.
click here

  Stowit 23:05 01 Feb 04

ADSL, I think I'll struggle, I'll look at there web site & others, but I was being lazy & hoping someone would know without me doing the research! Thanks

  flick 00:19 02 Feb 04

Some months ago I too looked for a router which I could use with my usb adsl modem (frog) but without success. Ended up buying a combined modem/router/WAP DG824M made by Netgear click here which has worked faultlessly ever since. I have 2 (sometimes 3) other computers sharing the broadband connection although rarely all at the same time. It's often the case that my son and I are on the internet at the same time and we have never noticed any slowdown. As to speed - his 11 Mbps wireless connection seems at fast as my ethernet one. Not very scientific, I'm afraid.

  Stowit 18:29 06 Feb 04

Thanks flick, sounds similar to my (would be) setup, what I was hoping to hear!

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