Wireless speed very low in one room only

  alichelsea 20 Sep 11

Hi - I have a netgear wireless modem router in an upstairs bedroom/study. My problem is that I can connect my son's windows 7 laptop wirelessly in any of the upstairs rooms with a good download speed (around 8mbps) except for his bedroom in which the download speed suddenly drops to 400-600kbps. I can sit on the landing connecting at 8mbps, then move into his doorway and it drops to around 3mbps and then a couple of feet further into the room and it's only 500kbps.

I've tried turning off all other electrical appliances in his room but it makes no difference. Obviously something is affecting the download speed dramatically but I'm at a loss as to what it can be. The signal strength seems fine. Another bedroom which is also across the landing from the router on the same side of the house as his bedroom is fine, so it's not that side of the house which is the problem.

Can anyone think of anything that I could try to see what is reducing the download speed in his room so dramatically? Currently I'm having to run a cable across the landing, but don't want to continue to have to do this.

Any advice appreciated - thank you.

  mgmcc 20 Sep 11

As you move into son's doorway and then further into the room, is there any large metal object directly in line between router and Laptop? A large central heating radiator for example. Similarly, in your "bedroom/study", something like a steel filing cabinet in the router's line of sight.

From what you say, there has to be something degrading the wireless signal when going into that particular room.

  alichelsea 20 Sep 11

Just to the right of his doorway, on the landing there is a central heating radiator - this, I guess, would be in the router's line of sight. Would it affect the download speed even when standing in the doorway, level with the radiator?

  onthelimit1 21 Sep 11

It may even be that the plasterboard has a foil skin (normally used on outside walls, but you never know). You may have to bite the bullet and use some homeplugs to improve the speed in that room.

  alichelsea 25 Sep 11

Many thanks for the help. I can confirm it was the radiator on the landing causing the problem. I moved the router over the other side of the room so that the radiator was no longer in its direct line and hey presto, the speed in the my son's room was up to 8mbps.


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