Wireless signal takesages to be recognised

  birdface 07:26 AM 31 Oct 11

My daughter has an old computer with XP on it.

It takes about 3 minutes just to make a connection using a D-link usb connector.

She only has about 6 things on msconfig start up.

Just wondering if there was a way for the Wireless connection to open first instead of last all of the time.

Router upstairs computer downstairs.It is always a good signal connection.Noticed that my grand daughter has opened a new user account on it would that make it slower to start.

  birdface 11:41 AM 31 Oct 11

Ok found the main culprit.MSE real time protection.

Turned that off and everything is working much quicker.

So will have a look to see what I download in place of MSE.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:46 PM 31 Oct 11

For XP use Avast

  birdface 16:36 PM 31 Oct 11

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Ok was thinking about doing that.I have had problems before with MSE Real Time protection I should have known to look there first.

I managed to get Avast Internet security free for 1 year and I am quite impressed with it.

Never tried the free version before but will give it a go.Thanks.

  onthelimit1 17:58 PM 31 Oct 11

Odd - never had a problem with MSE on XP.

  birdface 21:15 PM 31 Oct 11


This is a really old computer with XP on it and it does not take much for the CPU to be running at 100%.

Just open task Manager and open a few different pages or update some of your other programs and And MSE jumps in and and the computer starts struggling.

Turn off the Real time protection on MSE and no problems at all.

I am afraid MSE has got to go.Maybe ok on certain computers but not on my daughters or my Sons.

Basically I have never been that keen on MSE it is like some of the other Microsoft programs.{Windows Defender ] Being another which I never ever liked.

It is the right price free.But there must be far better security programs out there.Just a matter of finding the one that works best.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:02 PM 31 Oct 11

Avast as real time antispvirus + antispy

Defender as another antispy

MAlware bytes / SAS as backup sanners

All work well taking up little resources on my P4 3GHz 1.5G ram XP.

  robin_x 22:26 PM 31 Oct 11

I use ClamAV on a 10 yr old XP laptop with bugger all memory. It's the only one that works on that machine.


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