Wireless Security WPA help - DSL G604T

  Hobbess 13:07 02 Apr 05

I have managed to get my new D-link DSL-G604T up and running with the ethernet connection and have also had the wireless adaptor connected and running using Windows XP Network connections finder.

I have since disabled the wireless part of my router as I can't figure out how to securely set-up the conneciton.

Within the setup of the router I have options for 802.1x, PSK Hex or PSK String.

Under 802.1x I need to specifiy a server IP address, port and secret. the port was set at 1812 but the others were empty. The manual is farily useless for what I need to provide, any help appreciated.

  Michendi 13:18 02 Apr 05

Are you sure the manual is rubbish? The online Setup Guide is excellent. This is available as a PDF download...... but I am assuming that you got virtually the same guide with the equipment. Take a look..... click here

  Hobbess 16:49 02 Apr 05

managed to sort it though still think the manual wasn't much help for complete begginners. However now have it connected through a PSK connection which was fairly straightforward. Also found their software caused more problems than it helped especially with the adaptor.

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